Product Description

Rapesco 865-P2 Heavy Duty 2-Hole Punch (63 Sheets)

The 865P; a durable, heavy duty 2-hole punch with 63 sheet (80g/m2) capacity. Feature rich, this hole punch benefits from an extended single piece handle for ease of use and maximum leverage, a neat, flip-open confetti tray, an adjustable metal paper guide and a personalisation window on the base. Punching to standard hole spacing, the 865P-2 is a stylish yet tough and durable punch that's been designed to offer maximum punching power and precision for minimal user effort. Further features include a lock-down handle switch for ensuring ease of storage. Built to cope with demanding jobs time and time again, this heavy duty punch incorporates double hardened cutters for extended cutter life and robust springs tested to endure years of heavy use. A stylish, practical and hard-working hole punch, the 865-P2 is backed by our 15 year guarantee.

Value Rapesco 865-P2 Heavy Duty 2-Hole Punch (63 Sheets)

SKU: V29198RA