Now is a great time to do all those things you have been putting off!!

  • Working from home

  • Filling & archiving

  • Update your address book!

  • Back up your data!

  • Shred those old documents!

  • Plan for the future!

See our helpfull advice below.

July - September 2020 Time to organise the office at home or in work.
  • Working from home

Ok you have set up your computer and printer but have you enough printer supplies to print those important documents and school home work?


Ink / toner / drum uints / IT cables / A4 & A3 paper or maybe a new printer?

  • Filing & archiving


Now is the chance to go through that mountain of paper work that has always been put to oneside for another day!!!

Archive boxes / lever acrh files / ring binders / dividers / polypockets / document wallets / letter trays / magazine racks

  • Update your address book

Think of all those numbers that you have built up over the years and how many are still of use?

Business card holder / A4, A5 & A6 a-z book

  • Back up your data

It's probably the most important thing you should be doing but have you? Don't forget to back up your documents and photos!


USB Sticks / external hard drive / CD

  • Shred those old documents


Now that you have archived, filled and backed up your data it's now time to shred all that cofidential paper work!!

Fellowes / Acco / Swordfish / "Q" connect shredders

  • Plan for the future

Planning for the day or planning for the future at work and at home, it's never been more important to have a plan A ,B and C.

White board / Pin board / Post it notes / diary


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