Value Wallace Cameron Astroplast Mezzo Burns Kit (Red)

This Mezzo burns dispenser is our best seller. It is ideal for the workplace or home. It contains Sterikool and Hydrogel burns dressings. Sterikool is made up of 96 parts water, 3 parts Polyvinyl Alcohol and one part Sodium Borate in a non woven carrier. Sterikool reduces pain in partial thickness burns by protecting the exposed nerve endings from the environment. Hydrogel moisturises, cools and soothes minimising trauma and help prevent infection. It is non adherent and non toxic. .



  • Our modern burns kit is easily recognised by the bright Orange colour which can be seen from a distance making it easy to locate in an emergency
  • The mezzo burns dispenser contains essential products for all minor burn injuries
  • Contents include wet burns dressings which cools and soothes the burn minimising trauma and help prevent infection

Value Wallace Cameron Astroplast Mezzo Burns Kit (Red)

SKU: V11558WC
  • 1 x Guidance Leaflet  7 x Non-Adherent Dressings  5 x Burn/Wound Lint Pads  2 x Burn Gels  3 x Conforming Bandages  2 x Astroplast Burn Dressings  3 x Sterikool Burn Rolls  2 x Gloves (Pairs)  1 x Scissors

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